Saturday, May 28, 2016

AdBlue Blues

2010 Touareg TDI began with the dreaded P20EE Nox sensor.  Swapped the sensor, CEL came back on.  After further investigation I learned that this error is caused by a faulty reductant pump and heating element inside of the adblue tank.  The repair isn't very difficult, it's just time consuming.  The muffler and heat shield must be removed in order to lower the tank.  PITA if you ask me.  VW could have made a cover for the top where it can be removed to service this tank.  Blah.  Anywho, lots of plugs, luckily they are all different shapes so no issues there.  Re-installed everything and refilled the tank with new, fresh, mean Adblue.  Now, I happily drove the Treg home and another CEL came on. P203b  reductant level sensor fault!!!!!!!  The saga continues!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Autocar Names Golf GTI Best All Rounder Under £10K But What About $10K?

By : Sebastien Bell

The fine people over at Autocar are pretty good at listing cars by bestness. They make a habit of it. And devotees might notice that one car makes its way onto most of these lists of bests: the Golf. This one is no exception.
Yesterday Autocar published a list of the best second-hand cars to buy for less than £10,000. Among the two-seater sportscars and the massive luxo-barges, the MkVI Golf GTI was named the best all-rounder.
“It’s refined, comfortable and undemanding,” writes Autocar’s Mark Pearson. “No other hot hatch can match its overall competence.”
Really, though, it’s the performance that impressed. “There’s strong grip and accurate steering and the handling is a joy: eminently chuckable, instantly recoverable and immense fun.”
While it should come as no surprise that the GTI is a great car in every respect, it’s always nice to be reminded.
Unfortunately, though the premise of the Autocar article is great, the money they’ve used makes no sense (what’s a quid, anyway?). So what if you used real money? What do you buy for less than $10,000? Do you play it safe?