Sunday, September 20, 2015

Volkswagen, Audi not denying possible F1 plans to join forces with Red Bull

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

While most of the talk has been that Ferrari will be powering Red Bull in 2016, rumors persist that Volkswagen -- through its Audi brand --
 may be interested in Formula One effort with the four-time championship team.


Volkswagen on Saturday said it would not comment on speculation it might be the solution to Red Bull's engine

With the energy drink-owned Formula One team now confirming its impending split with Renault, team officials
 also admitted in Singapore ahead of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix that an alternative engine deal 
with Ferrari is still not agreed upon.

Eddie Jordan, a former F1 team owner and boss who has regularly broken major stories thanks to his insider 
contacts, claimed on the British broadcaster BBC late on Friday that the VW Group is close to buying Red Bull, 
possibly through its Audi brand.

"Please understand that we will not be joining the speculation," a Volkswagen spokesman told the German
 news agency DPA on Saturday.